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Cowboy Boot Stitching

A common feature of cowboy boots is their stitching. This can vary enormously, from minimal details to elaborate designs that hold a certain significance to the wearer or manufacturer. Top stitching on a custom boot is usually done with a single-needle sewing machine, one row at a time. A craftsperson guides the leather through the machine and lines up the rows. Such a practice can take years of practice.

The best stitch patterns, according to boot makers, can fill the space of a boot top and keep your eye travelling indefinitely along the pattern's curves and points. This is a definite sign of care and quality.

Stitch patterns vary enormously; some were invented long ago, and have been adapted over the years. Some bootmakers (now deceased) are still remembered for their stitchwork, such as Mr. Willie Lusk, credited for the "inverted flame stitch".

Stitching may provide a clue to its maker if the viewer is knowledgeable about where to look. Often near the sole of the boot there is a short row of stitching to the side, which holds the reinforcing leather or "fenders" in place. The "Toebug" or "Toe flower" (the elaborate stitching or medallions that dress up a boot toe) can also give away their creator’s identity. Often bootmakers will choose one design and keep it throughout their career. It acts as a signature and can identify the boot to others.


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